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Knobs - Contemporary Double Pointer Knob

One-piece construction.  Rugged, functional design


Tolerances +/- 1/64"

Aluminum Knobs, black or natural anodized

With or without colored insert; with or without index line filled.

*Standard knobs can be customized to meed your requirements or we can manufacture to your print.*

Unit of Measure

Dimension- A (in)

N/A .750

Dimension- A (mm)

N/A 19.05

Dimension- B

N/A .671

Dimension- B (mm)

N/A 17.04

Dimension- C

N/A .844

Dimension- C

N/A 21.44

Dimension- D

N/A 1.28

Dimension- D

N/A 32.54

Dimension- E

N/A .594

Dimension- E

N/A 15.09

Dimension- F

N/A .625

Dimension- F

N/A 15.88

Dimension- G

N/A .474

Dimension- G

N/A 12.04

Thread Size

N/A 6-32 Inch

Shaft Size

N/A A'-B'